Table List


12OZ: $5.50 8OZ: $4.25 

Clockwork Automaton: 5% Pilsner 

Ales from the Crypt: 5.5%  Black Currant Sour

Evolution 6.5% NEIPA

After Midnight: 4.5% Raspberry/Blackberry Gose

Apple Cinnamon Pie: 5% Golden Ale  with  Apple, Lactose & Spices

Mosaic & Barbe Rouge: 5.2% Pale Ale

Lon Lon Milkshake IPA: 6% Vanilla Milkshake IPA

Golden Axe: 4.5% Blonde Ale

Eye of Souran: 5.0% Amber Kettle Sour

Faster Than Light: 4.0% Light Lager

Beautiful Cultist: 8.0% Imperial IPA

Cloud City: 5.0% Juicy Pale Ale

Chimera: 5% NE Pale Ale

Flatwoods Monster: 6.0% NEIPA

Acid for Blood: 4.0% Sour Lager

Star Destroyer: 8.5% French Vanilla Imp. Coffee Stout

Guava the Hutt: 5.0% Guava Kettle Sour


Arcane Ales: Continual Flame ($5.50 8oz): 

10% BBA Stout w Cinnamon, Vanilla & Lactose

Bomb Flower: 

6.5% Raspberry Milkshake IPA  with Lactose, Vanilla & Raspberries